About Saksham

Saksham Research Center will be a different type of research center in India, here continuous accurate information and research will be done on social, political and economic situation. By adjusting qualified researchers, using their talent, they will develop more of this potential. How to develop,  “Saksham Research Center” operated under the guidance of learned teachers, while doing continuous research in relation to the country’s unique and authentic society and manpower, will inform the concerned authorities / institutions and governments and will also work according to their need and priority.

Saksham will also use the latest, best technical mediums adopted for the survey at present, as well as connecting directly with the public, will work on his research only after understanding their opinion and their intention.

As we all know, in the era of information technology, the society is changing very fast. The new changes in the lifestyle of human beings are developing a new society and their latest understanding of the society. According to the priorities and needs of the society, future plans will have to be made. Keeping in mind the challenges of the future, we have to make many changes in every field. We have to understand what is our real situation at present and what are the challenges we have to face in the future. How can they be dealt with? What should be the policies, what should be the criteria of our progress, how can we get our old identity at the global level. Based on the latest changes, how can we serve humanity more while keeping our country in the forefront. All these topics are possible only through research. Saksham Research Center has been established with the aim of providing continuous cooperation to many institutions, political parties, business establishments and governments of the country and abroad through its responsible services.

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